Author's Life

Where’s the Camera?

I miss the days of having a camera not integral to my mobile phone. Why? In order to use my phone camera, I first have to log in, then find the app, and by the time I’m ready to take a picture, the moment I want to capture is gone. This happened on Tuesday afternoon.

For the past few weeks, I’ve been working hard to get a new book ready for publication. I was deep in concentration when I glanced up and saw a young deer, still with spots, standing in the open right outside my office window! I wanted so badly to get the snapshot. My phone was in another room. The time it took to be ready for the picture, it had run to the edge of the wooded area. This picture doesn’t do it justice.

In this drought we’ve been experiencing, all the wildlife is suffering, too. I think this little guy might have lost its mama because I never saw another deer, even when it got spooked when a neighbor appeared and ran wildly to the right toward the pond area.

One of my great joys is watching wildlife. I’ve seen a fox, deer, rabbits, lots of geese, ducks, and egrets. And every morning hawks watch for prey. I’ve seen the outline of an owl perched on a neighbor’s roof at night, and I’ve heard the howl of coyotes.

Life is always interesting in my comfortable God-provided condo.

By the way, the new book is up on Amazon in e-book format, and the print version is in publishing right now and will soon be available as well! God is so good!