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Welcome to Finnegan

Adopted a sweet 5 year old fuzzy orange and white male cat from Cat Welfare today. He is shy and was afraid of other cats so my quiet home will be perfect for him. He has a lot of his body hair shaved that is beginning to grow out because he had so many knots when he was rescued. The reason I chose him is because he loves attention and I have a lot to give. I can offer him a safe sanctuary where he won’t need to be afraid.

My brother bought a cat tree for Finnegan and put it together today. It’s sitting in front of the living room window, so he can look out and watch the birds and what is happening outside. There are multiple layers with different types of lounging areas, from hammocks, to a condo type cave, lots of scratching posts, and all covered with soft polyester velour. It’s next to the end of my sofa so it is difficult to get a good picture until I move the furniture to get a clearer picture.

Right now Finnegan is hiding behind and half under my dresser. He is allowing me to pet him and is purring, but still hasn’t ventured out. I hope he gets brave soon. For the moment his litter, food and bed are in my bedroom. I can’t wait to get a picture of him on the cat tree and share.

He might come out tonight after I go to bed and the house is totally quiet. My brother will be here until Monday, and he would like to pet him before he leaves. I’m looking forward to spending some comforting years with Finnegan.

Pictures soon…hopefully!