Finnegan's Diary

Finnegan’s Happy Home (Finnegan’s Diary)

I’m having the “luck o’ the Irish” for sure! I like my new name of Finnegan. I don’t hide in that dark spot any longer. I can go all over my new home. It’s nice as can be! I love to be petted and to play and purr! Now I have this all the time! And food! Lots of food to eat!

I have something called a cat tree. I like to lay under it, but I don’t jump on anything unless my new mommy puts me there first so I know it’s okay. She put me on the spot where I can look and see a great big open outdoors! I don’t want to go there where there are scary things again. I saw some big people and I jumped down and ran because I didn’t want them to see me and take me away!

But last night my mommy put me on the sofa where she sits. I like it there. I found a spot where I can lay and watch this big thing that has moving things and changes colors and makes noises like people do. My mommy looks at it as so does my uncle. So I like to watch it, too.

Once my mommy put me in her lap. I liked it there. She was loving me, and I was purring. Oh, how good this felt! I stayed for a long time and then moved to my spot to look at the big box again.

When the people went to their rooms and shut off the lights, I went back to the sofa and went to sleep. I curled up right where my mommy sits.

I’m really going to like it here!

My mommy says I’ll be handsome when my hair all grows back. Right now it’s so short in a lot of places, but she still brushes me. That feels good, too.

I’m a happy kitty now!

3 thoughts on “Finnegan’s Happy Home (Finnegan’s Diary)

  1. Carol, I love your story about Finnigan! Have you ever considered writing a children’s book about kittens or cats? You could do a short one just using what you already have written! Take care! Gail


    1. Thanks, Gail! I’m having fun recording Finnegan’s Diary. I’ve thought of writing children’s books before, but don’t feel it is my calling right now. But I’ve learned to never say never!


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