Author's Life

Life Changes

My house is seeming a bit quieter since my brother went back to Texas. I so enjoyed our time together! But now, the only talking I do is to Finnegan, my newly rescued 5-year-old cat. He has turned into a great companion with a definite personality of his own.

I’m still recuperating from a busy week, plus the past few months with writing, editing, and publishing. I suppose I need a rest, but I need to get busy on completing the book for my family as a Christmas gift. It is too easy to get out of the routine of writing, and I don’t want that to happen again.

Coloring has also lost an appeal for me. I tried to color yesterday, but I found no joy in it. I need to re-establish a routine that doesn’t include writing most of the day! Scheduling my day is a good thing, but I always need to stay flexible.

Finnegan is settling into a routine, too. This house is now his permanent home and I think he’s feeling safe and happy. He has certainly investigated every nook and cranny! He doesn’t meow like normal cats but makes a little kitteny mew sound when he’s looking for a toy or me. Once in a while I hear a low meow. He definitely likes to eat! I’ll have to watch his diet, so he doesn’t get overweight!

When we experience changes in our lives, we need time to adjust. This is my adjustment period. I’m grateful for God providing all He does! My heart is happy, and my days are full, as I rest and ease into the latest life changes.