Author's Life

The Return of Fall

As September days are here, I’m beginning to anticipate the coming fall months. A time of cool mornings, changing leaves, pumpkins, and Thanksgiving dinner. Fall has always been my favorite time of year.

Yesterday I thought about how quickly Christmas is coming! Earlier in the summer, I thought about it being the first time in years, I could put up the Christmas tree and not worry about cats knocking things down or chewing on it. Yesterday, I laughed!

Now that Finnegan has made this his home, too, I am thinking Christmas decorations are out. Not that it really matters, because Christmas is not about trees, presents, and decorations. It’s about the celebration of the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus. I won’t be disappointed in the lack of a tree.

Monday, I will be writing again. Finnegan and I have established our daily routine. Now I need to take the weekend to integrate writing into it. As I watched the geese fly overhead, I smiled. They were content to remain here for the summer while their babies grew. Now they are heading back to the bigger pond for part of the day. I’ll soon hear their morning flight and evening flight. It’s a reminder that September is marking the beginning of fall’s return.