Finnegan's Diary

My Happy Life (Finnegan’s Diary)

My life is filled with happy, happy, happy! I have the best mommy who gives me lots of attention. I really like to jump in her lap and take naps. She’s nice and warm, and soft. I can’t stop my purrbox from running all day long, and that doesn’t bother me.

Yesterday we had a visitor who took mommy’s time away from me, but I was a good boy. I entertained myself with my toys until she left, then mommy played with me. I liked our visitor. I remember her from right after I came here to live. I let her pet me then and I let her pet me yesterday, too. She has a voice like mommy’s.

I like to sit at the front door and watch all the things happening on the other side. But I never want to be out there, again! I know I’m safe now and I can have all the food I want and no one chases me.

I like when mommy picks me up. I can tuck my head against her neck and it feels so good to be cuddled.

Two days ago, Mommy opened a package and handed me a new toy! It was a welcome home gift from another human who has a voice like mommy’s. I saw her one day on the big bright thing that sits on mommy’s desk. I tried to touch her, but she wasn’t real. I wonder how she knew my name and looked so real. There are a lot of things here I don’t understand, but if mommy isn’t afraid, neither am I. One thing is sure. I stay close to my mommy. I don’t want to lose her.

Here’s some pictures of how I spend my days.

My fur is growing back but it is still not thick and fuzzy. Mommy says sit will take 4 to 6 months before I’m fuzzy again. Gotta go and check on my toys.

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  1. Love you big sister!!!!
    Finnegan is a lucky boy indeed. I love your diary Finnegan! Aunt Sandi sends you ❤️


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