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With Joy in My Heart

The arrival of fall is my favorite time of year, and I’m awaiting it with joy in my heart. I’ve been told I seem much happier since Finnegan came to live with me, and it also shows in my writing. This fall and winter will be a time we spend together looking out the windows and being grateful for the warmth and safety of our home.

Writing is much more fun with Finnegan sitting on my desk next to me, and the months when I’ll spend more time with my fingers on the keyboard are certain to be joyful. I had my mind made up not to have another pet. With my age and my limited finances, I thought this was a good decision. However, God thought differently. He works through other people to show us His plan for us. In this case, these people were my doctor, my friends, and my brother. And, of course, Finnegan–a cat huddled in a cage, too afraid of getting out of his safe zone to join the other cats roaming free. A cat who had only part of his beautiful thick hair, but with eyes that pleaded, soft paws to touch me, and a very loud purr.

Life is different now for both of us. We are bonded. I’m once again reminded of how God works to bring hurting souls together to heal and grow. Nothing is impossible for God. I will spend the time over the upcoming months weaving stories with joy in my heart, ever grateful for God’s gifts.

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