Finnegan's Diary

Do You Think I Have Big Feet? (Finnegan’s Diary)

I found a great place to sleep. It’s right beside my mommy. She laughed at me and said “Have you no shame?” But then she took a picture, so I think she doesn’t mind.

Every day, my mousies get stuck under the sofa so mommy has to get down on the floor and look under to find them. I don’t know why they have to do that! I like playing with my mousies a lot!

One of my pretty balls, the orange one, has gone into hiding and neither mommy nor I can find it. It was my favorite one, too.

Mommy says I’m heavy. I’m not sure what that means, but she makes funny noises when she tries to pick me up and says I have a big belly. Yesterday she told me she should have named me Sasquatch because I have Big Feet!

I have a new friend. She’s littler than mommy. She likes to play on the floor with me and she asked if she could have a picture of her with me and my mommy. She calls my mommy G.G. Do you think this picture makes my feet look big?

Tomorrow will be my three week anniversary of escaping from the big cage where I used to feel safe. Now I have lots of places to run and play and explore! Sometimes I leap onto a big counter where I look through a window and see another cat who looks just like me! That cat does everything that I do. It tries to touch me through the window just like I try to touch it. It’s a strange thing.

I’m really happy in my new home. The only time I’m sad is when my mommy goes out the door and leaves me alone for a long, long time. But she always says, “I’m home, Finnegan!” when she comes back. I’m right there waiting for her! I don’t ever want to go away from her. She says I’m more like a dog because I follow her everywhere she goes, except out that door!

I have to go now because mommy wants to do something on the computer. Until next time!

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