Finnegan's Diary

I’m a Guard Cat! (Finnegan’s Diary)

My life is such a happy one. I hope all the other cats in my last place find good mommies like mine. I have jobs to do. My first job each morning is to wake mommy up at 7:00. I leap onto the bed first then to the top of the headboard and lay down so my head hangs down and I can see her. She laughs. Then I climb down and snuggle close for a few seconds and push my face against hers and purr. That’s when she thanks God for her rest and for the day and all her blessings. I’m one of them! After she makes the bed, she does her morning Bible reading and I help keep her place and purr to let her know I’m happy.

Then she goes to the kitchen and heats her water for tea and makes something she calls breakfast for her. The thing on the counter makes a lot of noise. She calls it a protein drink. I don’t think I’d like it. Then she makes my breakfast and serves it in my blue dish. I love my breakfast so much!! I really like to eat. During the night if I get hungry I can get some nibbles of the crunchy food in the other bowl. And I drink my water whenever I’m thirsty. Sometimes mommy says I eat too much. I’m just a little afraid of leaving any food because it might go away and another cat might get in and eat it! I shouldn’t be afraid because I keep a watch throughout the day to make sure nothing gets in to hurt us!

I run and play with my mousies and my balls and this makes mommy laugh. What she doesn’t know is I make sure to keep her older body limber by hiding my balls and mousies under the sofa so she has to get on the floor to find them! She always does. I know she doesn’t mind doing that because she will throw a ball or mousie to me so I can play some more. My favorite toys are my two kickin’ stix. I can bite them and kick them and release all my instincts for catching prey. There is one in the office and one in my play area in the living room. I love them so much, when I get really tired after playing, I make sure one is with me when I take a nap. My other toys are close, too, in a soft basket that makes a good pillow.

Sometimes I get really sleepy when I’m on my cat tree guarding the house and watching all the birdies. That’s when I take a nap in my high up place.

I’m a lucky guy. Sometimes mommy is busy on this computer, and I want her attention so I will do things that make her talk to me and stop what she’s doing. Mostly she says things like, “No, Finnegan! Behave, Finnegan! Stop, Finnegan!” It’s funny. But I think she wants to use the computer now, so I’m going to say goodbye. I’ll be back next week!

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  1. Yes, you are a lucky and blessed kitty, but so in your mommy! You’re doing a great job guarding the house and mommy. Pets and hugs.


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