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Writing with Finnegan

Writing hours have taken on a new look since Finnegan came to live with me. He’s the most adorable muse , um, complication to my story telling. He wants to be a writer and as such is exploring the moving things on the monitor. With the memoir I’m currently working on, he has become more of a complication than an assistant.

I’m adding as many photographs as possible, so my children and grandchildren get a better view of my life as a child. If I happen to be lucky enough for Finnegan to fall asleep at the top of the keyboard, the sound of the scanner at work wakes him. He twists to look at the monitor instead of me and sees the little dots moving across the top. This prompts him to catch them before they disappear. After that he blocks my view of the picture and makes saving to the appropriate folder a difficult maneuver. As I get out of the chair to replace the picture on the scanner, he decides to try his hand paw at writing a caption. He’s gotten good at eights and nines!

When he came to live with me, I thought it was so cute how he bonded quickly and, unless eating, kept closely by my side. I think he’s trying to make sure I don’t disappear. Well, after all, I’m his feeding source!

Honestly, I’m very blessed by his presence. He brings me joy and infuses this into every word I write. I know God brought us together because we were two broken souls who needed each other.

Being an author has always been a passion for me, but it had lost its glow over the past few years. Finnegan has instilled in me a renewed energy which has spilled into my writing. God understood the need and He provided.

Now, dear readers, you can perhaps picture the orange tabby, whose long hair is slowly growing back after being shaved, as my constant companion at the keyboard. The joy of his purring encourages me to lead my characters into a place of love and peace. And though I may shed a tear or two as I go back in time to a lost little girl’s life, I know the ending. It’s a happily ever after.

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