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Just the Two of Us

The old song, “Just the Two of Us”, comes to mind often now that Finnegan has become part of my life. The part of the lyrics that say “just the two of us, building castles in the sky, just the two of us, you and I” remind me of the hours I spend sitting at the computer writing with Finnegan on the desk keeping me company.

There is something necessary about having another warm body in the home, and Finnegan has filled my home and heart with joy. As I sit here thinking about the day ahead, watching the birds line up on the electric wires in a long, long row, I know days will become shorter and temperatures will drop. It’s the time I am most drawn to the keyboard to write.

This week I begin part three of my memoir. Soon it will be finished and ready to be turned into book form. I am excited to for the time to hold this book which I hope will become a family heirloom for each of my children and grandchildren.

It is a challenge to focus on the memoir as the season changes. I am eagerly anticipating working on a new fictional book or book series. The very first one written by “just the two of us,” me and Finnegan!

2 thoughts on “Just the Two of Us

  1. Very sweet. Cats make wonderful companions in the autumn and winter. Warm snuggles give us all the more to be thankful for, especially when the holiday’s come around.


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