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I Love New Toys! (Finnegan’sDiary)

Mommy always leaves me on Sunday morning and is gone a LONG time. But when she comes home, I’m the first thing she sees when the door opens. I stay on the carpet away from the door because I don’t ever want to be out there in that scary place again! She always says, “Finnegan, I’m home!” When the door closes, I run to be near her. After she checks my water dish, she sits at her big desk and writes. She says she’s transcribing sermon notes. I don’t care what it is, but I am right beside her to help her and to let her know I’m happy she’s back!

Mommy always feeds me more of the yummy food in the can when she has her dinner. We eat together that way. After she cleans the kitchen, we go to the living room where my play area is. She plays with me and chases my balls and finds them for me. I try to reach them when they go under the sofa, but my legs aren’t long enough. Mommy’s are. When we’re finished playing, she turns on the television. I sure want to jump up there and try to catch the things that move, but she won’t let me. She knows when I’m thinking about it and says, “No, Finnegan.” So I do the next best thing and jump in her lap where it is nice and warm and we watch the television together.

Sometimes mommy goes shopping. I just know when she comes back, she will have something for me, too! I wait, facing the door, hoping she will return soon. This week she brought me something really cool! I can scratch on it! I like to do that! Sometimes I sleep on it, too. I asked mommy to take my picture to show off my new toy and to see how handsome I am!

I’m looking forward to next week! I wonder what new toy she’ll buy me? Come back next Wednesday and I’ll share my new adventures with you!

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