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No Weapon Will Prevail

As the world continues to fall under the lies of Satan, my little life feels more and more like a baby fish in huge ocean filled with predators. I’m so grateful for God’s presence and His Word to keep me grounded in faith. The more I turn to Him and place my trust in Him, the more I need His armor to protect me from the evil one’s attacks.

I’m watching the sun slowly burn away the fog this morning to reveal the beauty of autumn colors. This is the way I feel when I turn to Him in the barrage of poisonous darts aimed my way. The attacks make no gain against me! Instead, the evil dies in the glory of God’s love. I see blessings in the midst of fallen debris.

God will provide. No weapon formed against me will prevail. This is one of God’s promises. I stand firmly on the rock, a smile in my heart and on my face, and give thanks for this little life in the huge ocean. Each day a gift from God. A blessing. A new day to age gracefully with God.