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Meeting Visitors and Learning to Color (Finnegan’s Diary)

We’ve had a lot of visitors lately, but I like meeting everyone. I’m not as afraid as I once was of the bigger humans, the ones who have deep voices, and don’t smell as nice as the mommy ones. They are the “men” ones, according to mommy. I even played with one of them yesterday. He threw my ball to me, and I’d catch it or hit it. Silly man was trying to get me to give the ball back after I had it. I wasn’t going to do that! It’s my ball.

Our house has been colder, especially at night. So, when the sun shines into the house, I like to take naps. I prefer to have some soft pillows to be really comfortable. Mommy says I snore, but I can’t hear myself snore and my ears are better than hers!

Mommy and I play a lot with my mousies and my balls, but I wish she would buy me some new toys. I think I need more.

I’m learning how to color. Mommy does that a lot and I like to be close to her, so I see what she’s doing. I try to take a turn with the pencils, but she won’t let me use them! I really wanted to color the mousies in the picture she’s working on now.

Life is fun and so good. Sometimes I have bad dreams and mommy wakes me so I won’t be so scared. I don’t want to ever leave here and go back out into the scary world where I used to be. And mommy says my hair is growing back really good now. I know I’m soft ’cause she tells me that all the time. I like to lay on her lap and purr to let her know how much I love her.

Mommy took a picture of the two of us. I like it ’cause you can see me best! And my green ball is in the picture. Tee hee, she had to get on the floor to take the picture because she couldn’t hold me and take the picture at the same time. I guess I didn’t cooperate.

Here comes mommy now. I have to go!

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