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Winter Days, Creativity, and Decisions!

Talking things through when there is no one to give feedback can be a simple task for one who lives alone. This morning I was trying to decide if I want to move a table back into my office for Bible study and journaling. I talked it through by writing down my “want” and the pros and cons. Made my decision and will be moving the table into my office this morning.

I love spending time in my Bible. I read through it each year and I use a different version every year. This year, however, I am doing a three-year plan. I really love it because I read it slower and have time to think about what I’ve read. There is something new I learn in each chapter no matter how many times I’ve read it!

My daughter bought me a verse mapping book which I’ve barely touched. I decided to purchase a mapping plan on the armor of God. I’m excited to work through it and anticipate spending colder days inside with God as I study and map. In addition, the small group I attend has been watching The Chosen. We are in Season Two now. I’ve had the Season One Study book but haven’t worked through it! I want to do that, and I want to purchase the Season Two book to do next.

As for puzzles, I’ve worked all the ones I currently have, and haven’t decided it I want to continue working puzzles this year. To do so, I would have to do them on the kitchen table and hope covering them would keep Finnegan from “helping.” And that would also mean eating at the breakfast bar. I don’t mind doing that, but I’m afraid it might encourage Finnegan to use the stools to get onto the counter, which he has not done to date.

I realize this has been a hodgepodge of thoughts in this blog. What I’d like to leave you with is this. There are always decisions we have to make. Being retired and a widow hasn’t stopped the decisions from being part of my everyday life. Living alone can become a stale routine, but if we find creative outlets, we will find creative ways to achieve them. The little decisions we make utilize our thought process and keep our brains active. Have fun finding a better way to spend your winter days!