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A Follower or A Lone Goose?

This morning as I sit here writing this blog entry, I’m fascinated by the behavior of the Canadian geese. A large gaggle flew over my condo heading away to somewhere new, but then one turned back and flew the opposite direction. A few seconds later a second one did the same. Where have they gone? I always thought geese stayed together like a community.

Perhaps they are more like humans than we realize. In our culture, we see many following the “group” to be a part of something. To not be ostracized for being different. And yet, there are those who will turn away to stand firm in their own beliefs.

As a Christian, I can be classified as a follower. I’m a follower of Jesus. There are many like me and we become sisters and brothers in Christ. We are a family. We have our comfort zone being together. Yet, we are called to walk among the ones who are different, who aren’t followers, so we can share how Jesus changed our lives and how He can do the same for them. We are called to reach out to those who are hurting, struggling, and searching for something that doesn’t have an identity. We share our hearts, our compassion, and tell the good news about salvation.

It’s not always easy being a follower, but as Christians we are not blind followers. We are not led astray by false prophets because we have a book of truth, the Bible. We have the Holy Spirit to guide us. We need only to stay in the Word, pray, listen, and to say yes to God when He calls us.

I believe geese are driven by instinct, not thought processes. A lone goose might be searching for something better. I hope they find what they are looking for.

I have!