Finnegan's Diary

I Met My Doctor!


Good meowning! It still isn’t light outside, but I still like to look out the window. I see things mommy can’t. She keeps asking, “What do you see? I don’t see anything.” It’s funny.

We had a visitor last week. She brought me a new toy. It’s a birthday cupcake with three candles and it smells like catnip. I liked the new lady. Her name is Donna and she loved all over me. That made me happy. I hope she comes to visit again.

One of our neighbors stopped for a short visit. His name is Skip. He bent down to let me smell his hand and then I let him pet me, too. When he stopped, I followed him to get more loving. I like loving the most of all.

Two days ago, mommy took me out of the house! I didn’t like the bag she put me in. I couldn’t get out, but my head was out so I could see. So scary in the big garage and then in the big SUV! Mommy put me on the seat next to her so I could see her and she could pet my head. I didn’t cry, but I was afraid to move. I didn’t want to get lost. The sun came in and I liked to feel it on my face, so I closed my eyes.

Then she stopped and took me out of the SUV. We went into a building where I could smell all kinds of things. Cats and dogs and other stuff! When we walked in the door one of the ladies called Cindy said, “Is that you new baby? I want to see him.” So she came over and loved on my head. Mommy wouldn’t take me out of the bag and it kind of made me feel safe on her lap. The people kept saying I was a ginger. Not sure what that meant, but they seemed to like ginger cats, whatever they are. I guess I’m one of them.

We went into a room by ourselves and a man came in. Mommy took the bag off me then. He looked at me and petted me and put me on a scale. He said I weigh 12 pounds and 6 ounces. I think I’ve gained over four pounds since I came to live in my new home. Next the doctor came in. Her name is Dr. Powell. The man came with her and another lady. Mommy showed them all a picture of what I looked like when she brought me home. They all said I was real handsome with my long, thick, silky coat. I purred the whole time the doctor was checking me out. I didn’t try to run or smack anybody. The man, Caleb, helped mommy put me back in the bag. Then we got back in the SUV. It didn’t take long for us to get home. I ran into the bedroom and under the bed, until mommy said I could have some treats for being good. I hurried out to get my reward. Doctor said I was in good shape, but gave me one more Revolution treatment to clear the last of the ear mites out of my itchy ears. But she did say I was a little overweight. She told mommy to slowly take away my dry food and only give me canned food. I don’t know what that means, but I hope it is a good thing.

Tomorrow we have another new person for me to meet. She is mommy’s friend, so I know she’ll be great. I like to meet new people and I sure do like to have them pay attention to them.

I still get in battle mode when mommy wants to cut my nails. I don’t like it. She keeps wanting to put me in the bag again. I don’t want to go there. She says she’ll be able to cut my nails if I do. I know what that means! I suppose she might reach out to someone to get help for this. She says if daddy was here, it would be easier. I don’t know who daddy is, but mommy says he is in heaven.

Well, that’s all the new stuff that has happened since I took over mommy’s computer last week. Time to go and give the keyboard back to her. I’ll be back next week with more of my adventures!