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Comfy Sleeping for Your Cat

It’s me, Finnegan, back again! Today I want to talk to you about the importance of being able to find good sleeping perches. Yeah, I know the bed is a good place to sleep, but I need to be in the same room as my mommy all day long. If I spent my time on the bed, I’d miss out on a lot of things.

This week we had another visitor. Mommy’s birthday was on Monday and a guy mommy said was her grandson stopped by. It was a surprise since he lives in Indiana, and she didn’t know he’d come to town. I liked him. I liked him so much that now he’s gone, I like to sleep on the sofa where he sat when mommy is watching television. I guess everybody who visits sits in this same spot. So, why not me?

Other times, I like to be on mommy’s lap to nap. The other night, though, she was watching one of the Harry Potter movies she likes to watch this time of year. How do I know? Well, she told me, of course. They are fun to watch!

This week I felt proud of myself for being brave enough to sit at the very top of the cat tree! Don’t I look great! I like to lie down in different spaces on this tree that is mine, all mine!

Mommy spends a lot of time in her office. She talks to people through her computer screen. I don’t know how she does it, but I like to try and touch them and catch their hands when they move. But most of the time when she’s in her office, she spends typing. She’s an author, whatever that means. I like to have her attention, so I walk back and forth in front of her a lot. Mommy pats an empty space on her desk for me to take a nap. If the sun is shining, I might do that for a minute or two. But now I have the most comfortable bed ever that lets me be near mommy, look out the window and take good naps. There’s even a little pillow where I like to rest my neck. It feels like my kicky stick. I like this new bed so much, I even slept there last night while mommy was snoring. (Shhh, she doesn’t like me to tell people about her snoring.)

It’s very important for kitties to get enough sleep to keep their energy levels in balance. I’m happy my mommy understands this. I’m starting to get tired from all this typing. Don’t know how mommy does it for such long periods of time. Time to get into my window bed and let mommy take over. I’ll be back next Wednesday! Until then, remember kitties need lots of places to play, sleep, and even hide!

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  1. Finnegan, you are adorable. Your new beds look wonderful, and you fit perfectly. If I might make one suggestion, though. You need a bigger tree to hide behind! Hugs and scratches.

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