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If Bored, Learn a New Game! (Finnegan’s Diary)

It’s been a weird week. Mommy has been doing a lot of writing on the computer. That’s what she does to earn money for our food, and that’s important. I do like to eat. I’ve been enjoying the bed in the window beside her computer so I can be close to her while she’s working. I’ve also started using it as my permanent place to sleep at night. I can’t help it. It’s just so comfy!! I go into mommy’s bedroom when it’s time for her to wake up and feed me breakfast. I can look out the window there, too. This pic was of a pretty morning sky. The sun rises behind our home, so we only get to see the sky turn colors, but both mommy and I think it’s beautiful.

During the day, I watch everything that is happening outside. Lately there have been a lot of birds flying around. Sometimes they are like a black moving blanket across the sky. The other day the wind blew so hard it made scary noises in the garage. I couldn’t see because mommy kept the door closed. She did open the front door and I watched the bushes and things for a while. I decided I’d rather be on my window bed. There were leaves flying all around! I wish I could have chased them. But that would have meant I would be outside. I don’t ever want to do that again. I’m very happy to have an inside home now.

Mommy tells me I’m her sweet boy and she loves me. I like that. I give her kisses and rub my face on hers. I rub my face and body against her legs, too, and when she walks, I try to tackle her. She laughs at me. Mommy laughs a lot and I like to hear it. Here’s a recent picture of me. Aren’t I a handsome guy?

We didn’t have any visitors this past week, but that’s okay. Mommy spent most of her time with me. She does sometimes spend too much time working and I get bored. I found a way to make her pay attention to me. If I scratch at the carpet under the closet door in her office, she stops and turns to tell me no. If she starts to get up, I run away. It’s a lot of fun! Mommy doesn’t laugh though. I don’t think she likes this game as much as I do.

Yesterday I heard her say she needs to clip my claws. I really, really don’t like that! Last time she rolled me in a blanket. I growled and hissed. I don’t like being restrained. I wasn’t really hissing at her just at the situation. I know she has one of those cat bag thingies to take me to the vet in. I can have my head out, but the rest of my body is inside a bag. At least it isn’t tight around me. I think she’s going to use that to clip my nails. There are little holes that open for my front paws to come out. I’ll do my best to keep her from zipping me in that bag. No matter what, nail clipping is no fun for me. If you hear me using my mad voice, please come rescue me!

Well, gotta go. Mommy has that look in her eyes telling me I’ve been on here long enough. See you next Wednesday!

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  1. Your new game sounds . . . interesting. Happy to hear you like your window beds and feel comfortable using them. Where your nails are concerned, all kitties, dogs, and even people have to do that. It’s a part of looking good and being healthy. And you, sweet boy, are looking gorgeous. Hugs

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