Finnegan's Diary

I Saw Snow! (Finnegan’s Diary)

Hi, Finnegan here to talk about my week. Today I’m typing on mommy’s iPad and pink keyboard. It’s fun.

This week mommy made a trip to the store where she gets all my cool stuff and food. She isn’t supposed to feed me my favorite dry food, since the vet told her I’d be better off eating only wet cat food. I love my wet cat food a lot, but I’ve gotten used to having a 1/4 cup of dry food at bedtime. During the day, when mommy has her meals, I eat half a can of yummy wet food.

Since I’d eaten all my dry food, she felt bad and bought me a small bag of dry food. Yay for me! I don’t know why something that tastes so good should be a no-no. She also bought me a new kind of treat called Greenies which are supposed to keep my beautiful teeth clean. They are yummy. I only get a few of them though. Sigh. I do like to eat.

The best thing she did was buy me a new tunnel. I love it. I run through it all the time when I get the zoomies. It’s cool. Mommy throws my balls inside and I retrieve them and toss them in the air and chase them. Mommy bought me three fuzzy little mousies, too. I’m a happy cat!

After I have the zoomies, I need to rest. And a cat needs to have a pillow!

Other times, I just like to lay on my scratchy box.

Most times I do sleep in my window bed in mommy’s office at night or when she’s there doing her work. Mommy says she loves me all the time and gives me lots of hugs and kisses. I touch her lips with my nose to give her a kiss back. Mommy laughs a lot when I hurry to my food dish for meals. She says from the back I look like a Corgi dog with a long tail, whatever that is. I go fast so she can’t take a picture!

Anyway, it’s been a cold week. One day mommy opened the front door and instead of sunshine, I saw snow!

One night mommy left and was gone for a long time, like she does on Sunday mornings. But it was night! I worried she might not come back and when I heard the garage door, I was so happy! Mommy didn’t leave me! She gave me a pet and then started looking through something on the counter, so I jumped up there and got right in her face to rub all over her and purr and tell her how much I missed her. It worked. She picked me up and talked to me and gave me hugs and kisses.

Life is good and I’m such a happy boy. This is the best life ever. I heard mommy say she might get me one of those fluffy round beds that sit on the floor. I hope it’s warm and soft like she says it is. Next week is Thanksgiving and she said we will spend a quiet day on Thursday, but on Friday we are having family for our Thanksgiving meal. But I guess I’ll have to wait a couple of weeks to tell you about that.

Until next Wednesday, I hope you have a purrfectly good week and don’t forget to love on your furry family!

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