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Aging Gracefully is Not Easy!

Aging gracefully is not always the easiest thing to accomplish! To be honest, I get frustrated on a daily basis. I have a tendency to look to future things that “might happen” and seek answers! I look in the mirror and shake my head. Who is that woman with all the wrinkles and the thinning hair? What is that new pain in my knee and ankle? And the big question: if I get on the floor, can I get up?

I talk to God a lot. I know my body wasn’t meant to last forever. It’s like my vehicle. While it gets me from place to place, maintenance needs to be done. For me, that’s all those medications in my pill box. I never thought I’d need a weekly pill box with places for morning and evening tablets.

Yet, all these things have become a part of my daily life. I must accept these things with gratefulness. I look in my Christian planner at the habit tracker items and see I’m being faithful in everything but exercise. I tell myself, I’m old. I have lived for 79 years and am now living in my 80th year. I shouldn’t be expected to exercise!

Then there is eating. I am a widow and only have to feed myself and my cat. My cat is easy. I open a can of food and put half in his bowl, and he’s satisfied. As for me, I will have to prepare something. I have to cook. Cooking used to be a pleasure. Now it’s a chore and one I don’t want to deal with.

Well, Lord, You knew all this was in my future when you created me. I know that with You I have the strength to persevere in this season of life. I know it’s a matter of slowing down, taking one day at a time, trusting and hoping in You. I’m thankful. Each day is a gift and a challenge, but also filled with blessings. You have taught me to live in the moment fully trusting in You. You know my failings. You know my difficulties. And You love me in spite of them. Thank You.

One day at a time. That’s how I have learned to age gracefully with God.

3 thoughts on “Aging Gracefully is Not Easy!

  1. I feel the same way when I see myself in a mirror. Wrinkles and sun damage. When I get on the floor, I have to scoot to furniture to get up all due to my hip still healing. I agree, getting old is not easy.


    1. Thanks for sharing. Aging is normal, and age doesn’t bother me. The slowing down of the body and changes don’t fit the mind since the soul is created to be eternal. My mind sees differently than my eyes. And sometimes that’s a good thing.


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