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Believing Better?

This morning I entered the throne room of God through prayer. At His feet, I lifted up my thankfulness for His goodness, asked for healing of those I’ve been praying for, and for my will to be aligned with His. I also asked for strength to withstand the many attacks from Satan.

When I was finished, I wondered about my faith. Was my faith strong as it should be? Was my belief that Jesus is my savior, and the way to heaven and eternal life, equivalent to faith? Growing up never feeling good enough, never feeling accepted, left deep scars which Satan scratches and opens to bleed. And when he does this, I fall prone to questioning.

When this happens, I turn to the Word of God, the Bible, for reassurance. This morning, I turned to Romans 10. In my CSB Restoration Bible I read a note on Exercise of Faith which helped me to understand Satan’s attempt to undermine my faith. One of the paragraphs stated that when we hear the good news of Jesus, we need only believe. Nothing else is required. We don’t have to promise to do better. God doesn’t ask us to do penance or make amends. We are called to trust, not try harder. And I do trust. I do believe. I do have faith. I don’t need to try harder or wonder if what I’m doing is right or good enough.

Now I’m able to order Satan out of my mind, and out of my home, through the mighty and powerful name of Jesus. The story is written. Then end is known. And Jesus triumphs over all evil.

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