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Is Anything Too Little to Ask?

Those I pray for on a daily basis are usually suffering from painful afflictions, like heart issues, cancer, flu, covid, and loss of loved ones. When it comes to myself, my issues seem minor. I will pray for health-related problems, but I also ask for Jesus to help me find something I’ve misplaced. I always feel a sense of relief and smile, thanking Him profusely when the object is revealed.

Funny how I don’t think asking Him to help me find my misplaced phone or other items is too small. It seems an automatic response to a moment of frustration. I offer little prayers of thanksgiving and asking for His help as I talk to Him throughout the day. These are little prayers issued in the moment, not the same as the prayers spoken when seeking the close communion with God.

Recently, I lost a lot of information from my computer. User’s error. I wrote about this in an earlier blog. No amount of searching and prayer uncovered a particular file I needed to make changes to a recently published book, Tangled Secrets.

Finally, I reached out to Amazon and received what I needed to make the changes, but the conversion process left me unable to fix the page flow issues. I tried for several hours, and I kept praying for God to help me. Finally, I gave up. I decided there was nothing left to do but retype the entire book. I closed the file.

I snuggled Finnegan, my cat, and listened to him purr. This always gives me comfort. He’s my writing buddy, and truly a gift from God after the pain of losing my beloved 19-year-old cat, Templeton. God nudges us in different directions as we need it, according to His Will. Why have I digressed from my story?

It was in the moment of snuggling Finnegan I felt a nudge to reopen the file. When I did, I saw the paragraph settings I needed to access, and the page flow issue was corrected! Immediately! What did I do? I praised God. I gave thanks! Only He could have made this possible. He answered my prayer, which was not on the level of my most fervent prayers for others.

I know that nothing I ask God for with the right heart is too little or too much. With God all things are possible. I write to bring glory to God. This is a ministry to me.

By the way, the paperback version of Tangled Secrets is now available on Amazon. This book also includes two bonus stories.