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Writing in December When It Isn’t in the Plan!

Though I planned to wait until January to begin plotting my next book, that plan didn’t hold. This week, I opened my writing program (Scrivener) and began plotting.

Writing brings me joy. The chapters are now outlined at a high level from opening to ending. As usual, I begin doubting if it is good enough. Is my plot too deep to allow the subplot to work? Have I made the heroine’s situation too complicated to give her room for growth? Have I identified her flaws, strengths, and weaknesses?

So now I wait until I have a brainstorming session with my dear friend, who is my writing buddy, to give me her opinion and suggestions. In the meantime, I will begin a study of who my characters are on a deeper level. Right now, they are all screaming for a little attention!

People who aren’t writers wouldn’t understand what goes on in the writer’s mind…the place where the stories begin and play out like a movie. At first it’s scenes moving so fast, only glimpses are seen. But as the reel slows, the characters become alive, and we are one with their stories. It’s indescribably, really.

I become a puppet master and I’m in control of their future. And through it all, I pray. I ask God to give me the words that will bring Him glory. To show how he can take bad situations and turn them into good for those who love Him.

I’m still enjoying this month of quieting my soul to embrace the joy of the Christmas season. The time is passing swiftly. I’ve been enjoying coloring Christmas and winter pictures and have started reading a new nonfiction book by Jonathan Cahn: The Return of the Gods. My Bible reading plan was to read the entire Bible in three years, which allows me time to think about the scriptures. This month I’m also reading the Book of Luke, one chapter each day through Christmas Eve. I do this every year. In the evening, I’m watching happily ever after Christmas movies. The only thing missing so far is hot chocolate that is sugar free. I haven’t been able to find any yet.

Lifting my cup of tea and wishing you all a beautiful Friday and happy writing, reading, coloring, or whatever you choose for this time of year! Oh, and I am waiting for Amazon to publish my short story, Countdown to Christmas. It is a revision of an earlier publication, an inspirational romantic suspense! Hope you check it out!

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