Morning Thoughts

What’s Christmas without a Christmas Read?

Abby Palmer’s four-year-old son, Caleb, has been kidnapped by a serial murderer dubbed “The Grinch.” She’s been instructed not to involve the police or her son will be murdered immediately. There are twelve days to Christmas and the countdown has begun. Tick. Tock.

That’s the premise for the short story I released as an ebook read on Amazon late last week. The story is one written some time ago, and removed from publication. I gave it a read, a few tweaks, and decided to offer it again to my readers. I did not revise the cover or change the title.

Next year, I plan to write a new book for Christmas readers, but that’s in the future. If only I could write as fast as my brain comes up with new ideas! That’s the nitty gritty of being a writer. What takes months to produce can take one day for a fast reader to finish and they begin asking, “When is the next book coming out?”

If somehow God gave me the ability to write several books ahead and release them one at a time as I’m adding to the to-be-published stash, life would be smooth and satisfying. However, it is Christmas time and isn’t the anticipation of what’s in that box under the tree worth waiting for? It is for me. My daughter sent me a gift from Amazon yesterday, so I sat the box under my tree to open on Christmas Eve.

I hope, dear readers, you will buy the shorter story, enjoy it and the anticipation of what’s coming in 2023! Happy reading!


Carol Ann