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Not Where’s Waldo, but Where’s Finnegan?

Good morning! Finnegan here with my weekly Wednesday blog! I had mommy take my picture by the Christmas tree to show how handsome I am under the lights. I never bother mommy’s tree because she doesn’t put any toys on it for me.

Want to play one of my favorite games? It’s called Where’s Finnegan. See if you can find me!

I love to hide and have mommy try to find me. So here we go! Bet you won’t be able to find me either.

Bet you had a hard time spotting me! We watched a lot of Christmas movies this week. Mommy had a problem with her back so she spent a lot of time in my play areas sitting in the recliner. Sometimes I would jump up and lay in her arm and take a nap. Sometimes, I’d crawl in my tunnel where she couldn’t see me and take a nap.

And sometimes she would fall asleep so I’d go to my favorite spot and take a nap, too.

I hear mommy coming, so I’d better say goodbye for now. I’ll be back next week! Remember to not worry about the little things or even the big things. God is still in control! Bye!

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