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The Week Before Christmas (Finnegan’s Diary)

Hello again, Diary. I’m having fun this morning! I stepped on the keyboard and somehow music started playing! Mommy came to look and she doesn’t know why. Now I can listen while I hurry to finish this writing so Mommy can investigate. After all, it is her IPad I’m using.

I wanted to tell you about this busy week before Christmas. I was busy helping mommy get things ready.

We had to wrap some presents. That was fun. Mommy laughed at me because I wanted her to wrap me up, but she said no because she didn’t want to give me away.

The sad part of the week has been Mommy left me alone too long. She said she had to go to the family Christmas party. I thought I was part of the family! She was gone for a long time. When she came home once to feed me, she didn’t stay long enough for me to finish! See, she bought me this new dish and it takes me a longer time to eat now. I can’t just gobble it down like I used to. When she finally came home she ate and gave me a snack and then we went to bed.

The next morning she left again. I think it was for church, which she does every Sunday. I was relieved when she came home at the regular time. BUT the next day, she left again! She left early and didn’t come home until lunchtime. I hurried to meet her and she picked me up and loved on me. I kept rubbing against her face and letting her know how much I missed her and loved her. I was happy again. We had our lunch and she spent time playing with me. Since then she’s been home with me. Things are back to normal. I have this special look I give her when I’m hungry and want something to eat. Even if she says sit isn’t time yet, if I give her this look, she smiles and I know she’s giving in.

Still, I think there is more alone time coming because Christmas isn’t here yet. If the weather man is right, her plans might be changed because she says it is going to be very winters with snow and wind and ice, too. If that happens, it will just be her and me for Christmas. She says she has a present for me. I wonder what it is. I hope it is covered in paper like the other presents. Mommy got a present that I don’t really like. She puts she’s feet into it and it vibrates. It looks like other kitties, but they aren’t real. They make me nervous.

Well, I think mommy wants to try and fix the music thing, so I better sign off for now. Meowy Christmas, Diary!

Love, Finnegan

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  1. Merry Christmas, Finnegan!! Sometimes mommies have a lot to do and must go out, but even while she’s gone, she still loves you. Enjoy your new toy.

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