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I Love Family Visits!

Good morning, Diary!

Guess what? Family came to visit yesterday! It was the best time ever! I loved getting so much attention. I learned a new game called Cat in the Middle! I was the Cat. Four people from my family sat in a circle around me and tossed one of my balls back and forth and I had to try and catch it. What a fun game it was.

My family gave me a lot of playtime. Here are some pictures of me while they were here. I knew you’d want to see some.

Last week we got snowed in, according to mommy. We spent Christmas Eve and Christmas Day together. It was nice to be with mommy all this time. She likes it when I try to help her with coloring. She likes it so much she took pictures after she set everything up to color and watch television. I always lay right on the picture she is trying to color. I really like to play with the pencils. I like to chew on them.

On Christmas morning, mommy talked to me about Christmas and told me how this day is one in which we celebrate Jesus being born into this world a long, long time ago. It’s like a birthday celebration. Then she brought out a present and said it was for me for Christmas. Can you believe it? I got a present even though it was not my birthday. Oh, how I loved having all these toys on the floor. Mommy played with me a lot and we had fun. She laughs a lot when we are playing together and I like that sound.

Mommy told me it will soon be time for a new year. I’m not sure what that means or what will happen, but I’m looking forward to spending all the time I can get with mommy. I know she wants me to let her trim my sharp claws, but it always scares me. I try to be brave, but I just can’t. This would be a good present for me to give her, so I’ll try harder when the new year comes.

Here are some other pictures of our week and snowed in time. I spent a lot of time watching the birds through the windows. I’m so glad I have three windows to choose from.

It’s time for me to close now. I’ll be back next week to tell you all about the new year, whatever that is.

Love, Finnegan

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  1. I love your pictures, Finnegan. I’m sure your mommy appreciates all your help while she colors. It looks like you had a wonderful time with all the company and special time with mommy. By the way. You are looking quite handsome! Happy New Year to you and your mommy.

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