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Natural Progression of An Organizer

Throughout my career in the corporate world, I was always the one who kept things organized. It came natural to me and served me well throughout the years until I retired. I’ve been retired now for 13 years. What does an organizer do when they no longer need to organize?

My daughter and I had this discussion two days ago. She, too, is one who needs to have things organized. We have both found ways to apply this skill to our “stay-at-home” lives. She creates spreadsheets to keep track of her hobby of cross stitching. Perhaps it makes sense to other counted cross stitch hobbyists to track how many stitches they have done and how many are left. I think that might drive me crazy, though. But it has triggered ideas for tracking in both my writing and my hobby of coloring.

I was fortunate to win a copy of both the Ruby Charm Creative Companion and Notes book from Kori at Colorfully Optimistic. They are in the mail and I’m awaiting them with great anticipation of tracking both my coloring and my blogging/writing. I also have my 2023 Christian Planner which I’ll use for my daily appointments and as a faith journal. I even purchased some pretty stickers to decorate all these tools for keeping myself organized.

Okay, I admit I do more than this. I have an app on my phone where I track my blood sugar numbers and my blood pressure. These are things that I need to keep organized for my health care team.

With only today and tomorrow left in 2022, my hope is high for a better and more organized 2023. Routines and organization make for a happier, and mentally healthier me.

Happy New Year, everyone!

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