The Swift Emergence of a New Year

2022 slipped quietly away while I was sleeping and 2023 emerged swiftly bringing hope and anticipation of something new. I rose from my bed with a thankful heart for the new day knowing life should never be taken for granted. This new day, this new year, was a gift from God.

Each year I choose a word to define my spiritual outlook for the new year. The word I put on my vision board for 2023 was trust. After reading a devotional this morning, one thing stood out. I need to consider what I want to be most grateful for twelve months from now by picking a “theme” for the year. This knowledge helped me to look at my “word” differently. Trust is going to become a habit in my life. It will define my decision making in all things. This word is actually the theme defining my year.

Goals are different. Goals are things I want to accomplish…the plans I establish understanding God might lead me on a different path. Goals will become flexible and sometimes forgotten as the year progresses. The theme of the year will remain steady and guide me on whatever path God chooses.

2023 has arrived. I’m stepping into a new beginning, a new hope, and a new year. It’s the year the Lord is providing and I will rejoice in it, one day at a time. Happy New Year!