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Day One of Church-wide Fast and Prayer

Today starts our churchwide fasting and prayer. I’ve been praying about what my fasting choice will be. Some people will give up meals, and that isn’t something I can do because of diabetes. I was thinking of giving up television. I usually settle into my recliner or onto the sofa after dinner and watch shows for two to three hours.

Last night, Finnegan knocked my tv remote off the counter into a small dish filled with water. Guess what? When I tried to use it, the tv went crazy. I couldn’t do anything except stare at a screen that wanted me to add the Netflix channel. I couldn’t turn it off and resetting it didn’t work either. Finally, I unplugged it.

Then I downloaded a free app onto my phone that allowed me to control my ROKU TCL television. It works fine, but I am leery of having apps run things in my house. I have no idea how it will run down the battery in my phone, and honestly, it makes me feel as if I’m placing the tv as a high priority in my life.

Having no television at night is going to be my choice. I’m adding no food after dinner. Farewell to those nightly snacks and binges. Instead I’ll focus on working a jigsaw puzzle and reading a nonfiction book. I believe God helped me to make a good decision, though the remote just might have been Satan’s work. If it was, God has turned it into something good in my life!

Let the community prayer and fasting commence!