Finnegan's Diary

My Life in Pictures (Finnegan’s Diary)

Good morning! Finnegan coming to you from my mommy’s office this morning to tell you the story of my life from August 25 of 2022 until today, January 11, 2023. I have chosen to tell this story in pictures instead of words. Enjoy!

I weighed 8 pounds when mommy adopted me, and my beautiful hair had been all shaved off. I felt terrible. I was scared and hid behind the long dresser as soon as I jumped out of the cardboard carrier. Everything smelled different and I didn’t know what terrors might be waiting for me if I was seen. My new mommy kept reaching behind the dresser and talking to me in a soft voice. I’d stick my head from beneath the dresser so she could touch my head and pet between my eyes. When I smelled food, I came out very cautiously and chowed down. Then I immediately ran back into my hiding place. The next day I ventured out to eat again and my mommy gently touched my back while I ate. Later that day, I came out and played with a little mouse. Eventually, I explored my new home. It was quiet with just my mommy and me. She moved the dresser closer to the wall so I couldn’t get behind it. If I got scared, I’d go under the bed, but I didn’t get scared much at all. I began to trust her. Then people began to come and visit. I was pretty brave as long as they didn’t rush toward me. Now I love people to come see me. I have lots of toys and window views, but mostly I just want to be close to where mommy is. I help her with everything she does.

Now I weigh 13.5 pounds. Mommy took me back to the vet yesterday and I was so scared when she carried me out of the house! I was shaking with fear. The vet cleaned my ears and I didn’t like it but I didn’t make any noise. It didn’t take long and mommy brought me back home. I was so glad to be home again. But then mommy made me mad at her. She wrapped me in a towel to clip my back claws. I hate it so much, but mostly because I’m just plain scared. Mommy doesn’t know all the things I’ve been through in my five years and I can’t tell her. I know my claws need clipping, but I am too scared of being hurt. I can’t help kicking and this time I scratched her pretty bad on her wrist. I love my mommy but we can’t seem to find a good way to take care of my claws. If anyone has any suggestions, please tell her in the comments.

Overall, I’m a very happy, furry, and purry boy! Time for a nap. I’ll be back next Wednesday! Bye!

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  1. You look wonderful, Finnegan! There will always be things that might scare us, but you can trust your mommy to do what is best for you.

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  2. Love these photo’s! You can always bring the famous Finnegan to Cat Welfare for claw clipping. It is a courtesy to all of our former residents!


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