Finnegan's Diary

It’s My Uncle Bobby! (Finnegan’s Diary)

Hi! I’m back!

My mommy talks on her phone when it plays a pretty melody. It doesn’t happen a lot, and usually I ignore it. On Saturday, it played that tune and she answered it. I decided to sleep in my bed and ignore her talking, like I usually do.

She was laughing a lot, and so I jumped down to be closer to her on the desk. She started petting me and then she put the phone close to me and I heard my uncle Bobby’s voice! He’s the one who brought mommy to that place where I slept in a cage because I was afraid of the other cats. Even though I’d still be there if it wasn’t for him, I was afraid of him when they brought me to my new home. A couple days later, I let him pet me while I was eating and after that I’d come into the room where the two of them sat. It’s my playroom now. Well, I share it with mommy so she can watch things on that big screen she won’t let me play with.

I got off track, sorry. So there’s my uncle Bobby’s voice. I started purring and rubbing against the phone. I wanted to tell him thank you and that I love him. I didn’t know any other way. He kept saying my name and I loved it. I do love my new name of Finnegan. Mommy doesn’t know all the other names I used to have but they aren’t as good as this one. I hope my uncle Bobby comes to see me again. He lives far away in a state mommy calls Texas.

Do you know it snowed a lot? The day mommy goes to church we had a lot of snow all day long. Then it was mostly gone by yesterday. But while mommy was sleeping I curled up in my bed and watched the snow come again. I don’t mind seeing the snow because that means mommy will stay home with me. She was gone yesterday a lot. She left after she fed me lunch and when she came back she brought groceries. I looked and waited, but she didn’t give me a new toy. After a little while, she gave me a little snack and left again. She says she wasn’t gone long to her small group but it seemed long to me! I always hear the garage door open and I wait close to the door to welcome her home. I like getting all the petting and hearing she missed me and she gives me hugs and kisses.

Oh, do you know mommy says I have short legs? I guess I do. She laughs because I can’t keep my bottom off the litter when I go. I do dig a hole but my fuzzy behind sometimes gets nasties stuck to it and she has to cut the fuzzies. I wonder if I do have short legs? What do you think?

Thats about all I can think to write about today. If you are reading this uncle Bobby, I love you meowy much! I’ll be back next Wednesday. Bye!