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Why Do I Blog?

I’ve tried various methods of blogging through the years. As a blogger with a small audience, I feel the same as I do in the writing business–an author in a big sea of even bigger fish. I’ve tried different themes, all with the hopes of attracting a larger reading audience. But that doesn’t happen. So, why do I blog?

The reason I blog is because I love to write. And, it’s a way of expressing myself outside of the stories being created in my books. A way, I hoped, that would show the real me my book readers might want to know. When I finish a book, I appreciate reading about the author’s life if it is placed at the back of their books. It helps me feel connected to the authors writing the kind of books I enjoy reading.

It doesn’t really matter if I have a small following to my blog, but I sometimes wonder if anyone reads them at all, except for a small handful. I often question myself for being faithful in continuing to maintain a blog and website. I think we all fall into questioning things we do. Especially when we have a weak moment of feeling insecure.

In the past I have even questioned if I’m following God’s will by continuing to write books. I’ve prayed a lot over the years about this “gift” and how to best use it. I trust Him. And I write, hoping this is a ministry that reaches people I might never meet face to face. I trust Him to put my books in the hands of the people He chooses. If it’s only a few, then I’ve written this book for them. And that’s satisfying to my soul.

As I write this blog, I wonder how many will actually read it. How many might even understand what I’m saying. And that’s where trusting God comes into play. He gives me the words. I sit, place my hands on the keyboard and He provides the words that appear on the screen. I believe this with all my heart.

And so, I blog.

5 thoughts on “Why Do I Blog?

  1. I always read your blogs. I don’t always comment…because I was not gifted with words. I am a deep thinker but I usually keep my thoughts to myself. I will share that I think your feelings of insecurity comes from the enemy. He will always try to stop you from using your God given gifts. If you are doing what you love then why does it matter how many people are reading? If it is only one…maybe that is the one God chose for you to touch with your words. Keep doing what you love! ❤️

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    1. Thank you for the encouragement. It really doesn’t matter how many are reading, and it’s not important. You are right. I know where that insecurity comes from. I try too hard to write something that might interest readers instead of doing what I started this blog to do…capture my thoughts with God’s leading because one person might need to know they aren’t alone.


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