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Who Did It? (Finnegan’s Diary)

Hello, it’s me, Finnegan with my weekly diary entry.

I’m always looking for something new and fun to do. One thing I really enjoy is watching the things move around on the big screen mommy calls television. But I learned a lesson this week. Mommy always makes me get down when I jump up to play with the hands and moving things. When she wasn’t paying attention, I did try to jump up but I missed somehow and my claws caught in the thing under the television and suddenly I fell and the television fell, too! I escaped and ran into the bedroom. Mommy jumped up so fast and I knew she was mad, but she first made sure I was all right. I peeked around the chair and watched her. She had to put the television back in place and straighten the wall plug because it was bent. I didn’t break the television. That was a good thing according to mommy. I stayed down from that for the next few days. This morning when mommy was making her breakfast, I jumped up again and tried to catch the weather man’s hands. But she saw me and came to make me get down. I jumped down quickly.

I just like to be part of everything. I follow her around all the time. She tries to keep me off the counters, but they are just too tempting. Even though I know she’s going to pick me up, put me on the floor and tell me no, I do it anyway. Mommy has hidden the paper towels so I can’t unroll them any longer. But there are still things she has on the counter I can knock down or pull down. I try to play innocent when she notices, but I think she knows who did it.

I’m pretty sure she knows I did these things, but with my innocent look, maybe I have her fooled.

I will let you decide what you think about these mysterious things happening. See you next week!

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