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The Blank, Empty Space

I’m a writer. There is a need to fill a blank empty space with words.

Yet, sometimes I stare at the pristine space and no words come to mind. I begin to write the thoughts at the moment, just as I am right now, wondering what words God will guide me to write. For He always does.

The first online writing class I took was titled “Write From the Heart.” I’ve heard many times since that long ago class to “write what you know.” At first I mistook what this meant. My life hasn’t been extraordinary at all. I’ve never excelled at any one thing. I just lived life. I did my best to raise my children and teach them right from wrong. I worked to bring in money to pay our daily living costs. How could I write about any of these things? I might write about them, but who would even care enough to read?

I wrote books at a time when God led me to use my gift from Him. I wrote books that were geared to readers who wanted a good romantic suspense story with a little steam. Two books. And then I just couldn’t do it any longer. I was forcing something just to fit into what all the other writers of this genre was doing. I was writing what I knew about the books on the shelves, but not writing from my heart.

My third book was from my heart. I write about what I know, and I write them from my heart. And, look, I’ve just filled a blank empty space with words. These were not in my mind when I put my fingers on the keyboard. My mind was blank. Where do these words come from? I believe they come from God. He leads me and guides me in every aspect of my life. And I’m grateful. May your week be filled with His blessings.