Finnegan's Diary

I’m a Boy Who Knows What He Wants and How to Get It!

Good morning! It’s me, Finnegan, coming to you live from home base. Ha, ha! I’m not really in my tunnel, though I love to play and hide in my tunnels. They are my favorite things besides my mommy and maybe my orange ball.

I like to bat my orange ball under the television stand. Then I can reach through the back and bat it back out again. It’s so much fun! It’s like my ball is playing hide and seek with me, but I can always find it.

This week I was kind of bad. Mommy wasn’t giving me enough attention, and I’m a boy who need a lot of attention when I’m not napping. I can be vindictive. When I jump on the kitchen counter, mommy tells me no in a firm voice and then puts me on the floor. Well, the other day I just got fed up with that and jumped to the counter and knocked the remote to the floor! Oh, she gave me attention then! I ran into my tunnel to hide. I think she knew where I was though.

Mommy feed me at the same time she makes her meals, but most times I finish eating first. A few days ago, she was all involved in watching something on television so she was turned away from the plate where she had a cheese sandwich. I thought she was finished, so I decided to sneak up and check it out. I don’t know how she knew when I clamped down on a corner of the sandwich….oh, the bliss of bread on my taste buds….but she turned and said no! Well, I wasn’t about to let go. I wanted that piece of bread. She took it away, though. She even cut off the part where my teeth had been, but did she give it to me? No! She threw it in the trash. Sigh. What a waste.

But mommy does play with me. She plays chase, which I really like. She shuffles her feet like she’s coming after me and I take off running. Oh, what fun that is. I get lots of exercise that way and so does she, because she said I wear her out. Hmmm.

She also plays with me with the feather thing. I like that a lot, too.

Mommy did fix my window bed real good. I sleep in it now and keep her company when she’s working. But when I finish my nap, she better be ready to give me some attention or I’ll knock things off the desk. The other day I pushed a whole magazine holder with her coloring book supplies to the floor. I give her my “take that” look. But she gets mad and I hurry to my tunnel but on the way I send her water mug flying, too. She doesn’t like it when water gets all over her stuff.

Maybe one of these days she’ll break down and get another cat for me to play with, but I’m not sure if I’ll like that or not. I am a pretty spoiled boy.

I’m kind of ready for a nap now, so I’m going to let mommy have the computer and I’m going to my cat tree so I can look out the window there for a while and then fall asleep. See you next Wednesday!