Finnegan's Diary

Playtimes (Finnegan’s Diary)

Hi, Finnegan here again! Mommy says it is spring and soon there will be pretty flowers to see. I like looking through the storm door. I can see things differently than when I am in my window beds. I watch other mommies with their doggies. Most of them are little, but some are big and black. I still don’t want to go out there, even though they have fun. Maybe if there were kitties out there…

We’ve been playing a lot this week. I have a lot of fun running and trying to catch the red dot. Sometimes I catch it, but then when I raise my paw to look it isn’t there and I see it running away! So I chase it again. I get tired and then I lay down and when I do, I see the red dot on the thing mommy is holding. That’s when it disappears and I really don’t care because it is time for a nap.

Mommy tied some toys onto my cat tree. It’s fun to play there, too. And then when I get tired, I can curl up and sleep with a view through the window.

Mommy says I’ll get to see somebody tomorrow. I’m happy to have a visitor even though she tells me it is a surprise. I wonder who is coming? I love company a lot. I think mommy does, too.

I’ve been a good boy. Mommy taught me what brush, brush, snack means. It means I have to be good and let her brush my tummy for a minute and then I’ll get a snack on the floor. Mommy will give me a snack and while I eat it, she brushes my back and sides. She tell me I’m shedding a lot now because of spring coming. I can be good only as long as the snacks last. But I’m getting better about letting her brush me since she never hurts me. But I haven’t learned how to play nicely without claws. I’m trying, but I’ve used them all my life. Why doesn’t she want me to do it now?

We play hide and seek and catch me a lot, too. But she’s not as good at it as a cat. She says I need another cat to play with. She’s been saying that for a long time, but I still only see cats on that thing she holds in her hands sometimes. I do see a kitty in the windows mommy calls mirrors. I cry for cats to come out, but there just aren’t any who will come play with me.

Well, I need to get off because mommy is coming. I’ll be back with more updates on my happy life next Wednesday. Have a Meowy blessed Easter! Bye!

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  1. Tell Mr. Finnigan, that his visitor is very sorry she isn’t coming tomorrow. Let him know I will try to make up for it by bringing him a treat. Hugs and ear rubs. DEM

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