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Birds and Squirrels, Oh My! (Finnegan’s Diary)

Hello, Dear Diary! I’m back! I’ve been a really good boy. Mommy has been brushing me a lot and I let her do it most of the time, sometimes even without getting a snack reward. She says it is warm weather time and that’s why I’ve been shedding a lot. She even called me Pigpen a couple of times because when I move hair floats out around me. I don’t know who Pigpen is, but she says he is a friend of Charlie Brown, whoever that is!

Mommy has been spending time outside my window perch in the living room. I keep my eye on her so nothing bad will get her. Yesterday the big, noisy machines came again. Mommy says it is to mow the lawn areas. When I hear them I have to run and hide. I either go into the closet or under the bed. I don’t like them at all. Mommy will close the doors when they come. It helps a little but I still don’t want them to find me.

I also had a real treat! Mommy made the big screen she watches have birdies and squirrels eating food. I could hear them! She even moved the chair she uses when she eats in front of it so I could be comfy. Then she goes to her office and works while I enjoy the birdies.

Later that day, I jumped onto the chair when it was back at the eating place and took a nap. The sun was shining on it, so I rested nicely.

I had one thing happen that embarrassed me a lot. All I’ll say is something that should have been in the litter pan stuck to the long hair on my fuzzy butt. Mommy had to hold me down and cut it off. Ugh. She cut the hair short there, and I sure didn’t like that. I growled and even hissed at her. I only did it because I get afraid when I can’t move. But I was glad after it was done because I was all clean again.

That’s about all the update I have to write about today. I’ll be back to talk about my adventures next Wednesday. I’m a happy boy! I love my mommy and my safe home.

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  1. You are such a handsome boy! The pictures of you watching the birds and squirrels are adorable! It looks as if you were having a wonderful time. Looking forward to your next post! Until then, hugs.

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