Writer's Journal

Time for Outdoor Writing

This week has been so awesome! Temps in the mid to high 70’s which makes perfect porch time. Unfortunately my house faces west so I get the late afternoon sun shining directly into my office, bedroom and living room. Mornings are best for spending time on my front porch. But, I do have roll down shades which provide relief from the direct sun.

Yesterday I put them down so I could sit on the porch. Once I get my mind together on “what happens next” in the work in progress book, I will be writing outside. When I first moved into this condo, I spent a lot of time on the porch writing. I had a difficult time seeing the screen on the laptop, but now I am writing on my iPad so it provides a much better experience.

I remember when my late husband and I went camping, I had one of those little battery operated machines that had a two or three line display. It was lightweight and very portable. It went everywhere with me! After coming home, I’d upload it to my desktop computer. It was really handy. The interesting part about having such a thing is editing while writing is not feasible. The iPad, using Scrivener as my writing platform, works the same for me. It keeps me in a writing state of mind and editing is pushed aside.

I might spend time today, might being the key word, rethinking the direction of the book. Once I get past the idea that it needs to be modified before moving forward, the rest should come quickly. But I do have plans for the next few days, so the rethinking might wait until next week. Ah, the privilege of being my own boss!