Finnegan's Diary

Short Note (Finnegan’s Diary)

My mommy hasn’t been feeling good for a few days. She didn’t even take any pictures of me. That’s okay. I just want her to feel better so she will play with me.

She told me I could come on this computer for a minute and tell everyone why I didn’t update my diary this morning. I’ve spent time running and hiding in my tunnels and napping where I can watch over mommy. She’s been napping on the sofa all the time. This afternoon she said she feels better. I’m glad.

I don’t know how to make her better. My favorite aunt came over and gave her some medicine and petted me. That made me happy. But after she left my mommy got real sick. I was scared. But she made dinner for me and her tonight. Now I believe she is over the sickness.

The men with the noisy machines came today to mow the grass so I hid until they left.
I’m hoping I have some fun things to write about next week. And I think mommy will take pictures of me. So, until next Wednesday, don’t forget about me.

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