Writer's Journal

Working on an Outdated Mac

Years ago I decided to use Scrivener for my writing platform. I have loved it. No problems at all. During these years I also used both a desktop and then laptop HP computers. However, I became disgruntled with HP recently with the last two printers and this past year when Windows 11 launched. Ugh. Slowed my laptop down significantly. Nothing worked as it used to. Things would disappear and also appear without my clicking to open them. I was so frustrated and I didn’t want to spend the money to purchase a new laptop to replace the one I bought in 2018.

I decided I really wanted to try an Apple computer. Especially after I began writing my draft manuscript on my new (older generation) iPad. But the prices were way, way out of my budget (which has little discretionary funds). What if I did invest and then hated it? That’s when I decided to step into the refurbished territory. It would be the perfect way to see if I liked using a Mac. After research, I decided on a late 2013 iMac all in one with the Catalina OS.

It didn’t take long for me to get used to the differences between this and the HP Windows world I’d grown up in. I haven’t found one thing I dislike about this computer. It has a 21.5 inch display which is a lot bigger than my 15 inch laptop. I haven’t missed using Microsoft Word yet. I was using an old version of Word off a disc I purchased a long time ago (Office Standard 2007). Can you tell I’m not one to upgrade to the newer and (supposedly) greater in anything?

Other than wishing I had a laptop for portable purposes, I am perfectly satisfied with the older version of Mac. I don’t care that the OS is no longer supported. If it works, why break it? At the low cost of this computer, I can replace it if the time comes.

My writing is stored on Dropbox so I can open the writing in Scrivener on either the computer or iPad without any problem. Everything is updated and ready to go. Now, all I need to do is get over this latest bout of “what do I do next” and finish the book.