Morning Thoughts

I Am NOT Fat! (Finnegan’s Diary)

Mommy took me to the doctor on Saturday. I went there once before and I didn’t want to go back. They didn’t hurt me, but there are lots of scents and they made me nervous. All the people who came in the room said I was beautiful and petted me. I kind of liked that attention. One of them put me on the scale.

These ladies who said I was so beautiful cut off my sharp claws. And now, mommy says she will take me back every month to have them trimmed. Sigh. Then the doctor came in. She checked me over and she and mommy talked about my ears. They did a test and found that I have bacteria in my inner ear. Now mommy puts the wet stuff in my ears all the time and massages them. I have to admit it feels good, but then I have to shake my head and the wet stuff goes flying and my pretty fur is wet. But mommy is good and dries me off.

Then the doctor looked at my weight. She said I needed to lose weight. What? She admitted I was beautiful, but now she was inferring I’m fat! I’m NOT fat! Just because I have gained 13 pounds only means I needed food to eat. I never want to be hungry again. Last time we saw this doctor she had mommy stop giving me my favorite dry crunch food. Now I only get the canned food with gravy. Oh, I love it a lot, but I miss the yummy other food.

When we got home, mommy said I would have to let her brush me without getting treats. What? Okay, she relented and only gives me a couple AFTER I submit to being brushed. Changes all the time. Mommy said I was too fat and I had to lose weight for my own health. She said I flop and roll when I lay down on the floor. Okay, I admit that. And I admit I get tired when I’m playing and have to stop and rest. But does that mean I’m fat? I’m just bushy, that’s all.

What do you think? Look how bushy my tail is. I’m just fluffy.

Then mommy looked in her photos and showed me what I looked like a few weeks after coming to live here and said, “See you used to be a little guy. Now you’re too fat!” How insulting.

Okay, so she has to put a pile of books under my bed to keep it from falling. Not my fault. It’s a faulty bed. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

I decided to just go hide in my favorite tunnel so she couldn’t see me.

I can have my tail in one chamber, the teal one, and my head in another, the dark blue one! All she can see is my back through the top hole! Ha, ha!

But I did forgive my mommy because she loves me. She keeps telling me and I believe her. I love her and trust her, too. That’s why I sleep with her at night.

This diary entry has to come to an end. Mommy says that’s all the pictures she has for me. I miss my nite nite meal, but she says I’ll feel better soon. She’s been on a diet from eating any sugar for a couple of weeks. If she can do it, she says I can do it. So I’ll trust her. Next year when I see the doctor lady, she’s going to say I’m “just right!”

I’ll be back next Wednesday!