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The Author’s Spiritual Battle

You’d think that after 17 years, I’d realize when Satan is attacking me, especially my writing efforts. It took being with my small group this week to see clearly what was happening. The topic I’m addressing in the book is one that is very volatile in our world today. He wants me to give up. Oh, and he gives me so many reasons I should.

Reasons like: I deserve to retire and just enjoy my hobbies. Statistics say I shouldn’t have many years left on this earth, so don’t fill my days with working. Or the big one–the plot is weak, the writing done poorly.

I think all writers fall into these doubts from time to time. For me, it hits right at the middle, even though I have tested my outline and had others look at it as well. I backed off for a month. Doing so takes me out of the story completely. This was a win for Satan.

But I’m not going to let him win the battle. I printed off the pages already written and have been reading. I’m inspired that it is well written, the plot line is intact, and I want to read what happens next! The one thing I have to remember is God will never say I should do nothing for His Kingdom! He wouldn’t tell me to stop writing.

When Satan attacks, he is so sneaky. He knows which buttons to push. After all, he’s had a lot of years to perfect his attacks against me. But God is bigger, better, stronger, and greater than him! Patience, trust, and obedience will persevere against the evil one.

So, take that Satan! You lose!

2 thoughts on “The Author’s Spiritual Battle

  1. You are right, Satan does know exactly how to get to us. He knows what we want just as much as God does. I struggled with this myself at times. Trying to know for sure if God was leading me or Satan. I have learned that if what I am doing brings glory to God in any way, then God is leading me. If what I am doing is furthering me from God and making me feel stressed in any way, it is Satan.

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