Finnegan's Diary

A Day in My Life (Finnegan’s Diary)

Good morning! Finnegan here for another update to my diary. Exciting day for me and mommy. She says we are having a visitor for a few days. She’s mommy’s daughter, so I suppose that makes her my sister, right? Not sure. Doesn’t matter, I am happy because I love company. I know she’ll be happy to meet me, too! I am expecting a lot of attention. So, otherwise it’s been a kind of quiet week. I’ve been spending my time playing with the little mice mommy gave me. I love them so much more than any bigger mice or toys. I can toss them in the air and chase them all over the house. The only time I have to cry for mommy’s help is when one of them gets under the refrigerator. My legs aren’t long enough to get them out.

Here I am posing with one of the little mice.

I’m sure I can reach it without really having to move.

Ta-da!!! See I have it. I knew I could do it. Sometimes I will grab Mommy’s leg when she walks by, especially in the morning when she has her jammies on.

I have lots of fun in my play area, though mommy says it is really the living room. Well, that’s how I live! I know I’m a pretty boy and I can look at mommy with my “I love you” look and she’ll always give me attention.

Well, that’s all I have to say this week. I should have more to talk about next week after spending time with what mommy says will be lots of company coming to visit. Until then, have a meowy week!

One thought on “A Day in My Life (Finnegan’s Diary)

  1. You are such a handsome fellow. The little mice look perfect for you to have a great time with. Enjoy your company and I know she’ll show you lots of love and attention.


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