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I Have the Stylus!!

My daughter came to visit for a few days. Next youngest daughter stopped by yesterday and we had a nice time just sharing and having fun. Before she left, she wanted to take a selfie with the three of us. Then older daughter decided she wanted to use her phone and take a picture. She had a newer phone with a stylus that could be used for selfies. She had trouble getting a good angle, so younger daughter took it and held it. She touched the phone button to take the picture, but older daughter said, “Don’t press the button. I have the stylus!”

Okay, two daughters. What do you think happened? Yes, younger daughter kept pressing the phone button, and older daughter was insistent she had control with the stylus. You guessed it…here is the result.

I can think of nothing better to do when I’m not writing than having a great time with family! I also learned I don’t want one of those styluses!

2 thoughts on “I Have the Stylus!!

  1. Oh my goodness, 😂😂 it does look like y’all had fun! I’m so happy for you all. Laughter is good for whatever ails ya. So glad you got precious time with family. Love you!

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