Finnegan's Diary

New Little Friends That Scared Me! (Finnegan’s Diary)

It’s me. Finnegan, the most loved rescue cat ever, according to mommy.

We had a busy week! I met four new family members!

The big mommies were nice. But the little ones scared me. I wanted to play with them but they didn’t understand about playing in my way. Every time I tried to sniff them first they would scream and reach for me! That made me run away. Finally, I took shelter under me and mommy’s bed. Mommy brought in my lunch and my water and left them in the closet. Mommy shut the bedroom door and told me I was safe.

I stayed under the bed for a long time but I did come out to eat. Finally I jumped onto my bedroom window perch. Mommy came in and talked to me and petted me once. I decided to try going out again, but as soon as I did the little boy came running after me holding my toy! Mommy says he was trying to give it to me so we could play, but I just wanted to go back in the bedroom. I came out when they left.

It was a different kind of day for me. When the first big person came she didn’t have anything but suitcases. She smelled good and she knew how to pet me and I really liked her a lot. She scratched under my chin like mommy does.

She stayed for a few days. After she left, I looked out the back door to see if she would come back, but she didn’t. Now it’s just mommy and me again. We live a quiet life and things are back to our regular routine which is fine with me. I do like the warm weather time because the front door is open and I can see out and nap in the sunshine.

While our visitor was here, she and mommy would sit in the garage and do crafts but they didn’t let me come out. I wanted to be with them, but mommy was afraid I’d run away and get lost. In the garage there is a big door that opens and the world is waiting out there. I don’t feel safe in the world and I just want to stay with my mommy where I’m loved and safe.

Well, that’s all the adventures I had last week. I wonder what’s going to happen this week? I’ll be back to write about it next Wednesday. Until then, so long, Diary, and all my friends in the outside world.

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