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Danger Lurks in Taking Too Long of a Break

What does taking a break do for a writer? Does it give clarity to questions about the strength of a work in progress? Does it give clarity about questions of what’s next?

When I have questions, I need to step away and pray, think, calm my mind and soul. I believe this is necessary no matter what our lifestyle might include. But, as a writer, I’ve learned that staying away from what my heart longs to do is detrimental. It allows doubt to creep in and creates a perfect state of mind to let Satan do his best to destroy my courage and confidence.

I forget everything about the characters I’ve created and their story. Oh, I know the minimal basics but the longer I stay away, the more cardboard and dull everything seems. This is exactly what Satan wants! I can hear him saying, “That writer is in doubt. Attack!”

My most recent break extended into more than a month. In order to get back to the writing, I had to print out what I’d already written, well over a hundred pages, and start reading from the first word in chapter one. Imagine! You’d think I would be so invested I wouldn’t need to do this. Maybe some would be able to jump right back in. Not me.

All the doubt surrounding my story is falling away as I read. I thumb my nose at Satan. God is stronger than him. When I turn my writing over to God, I find the words flow freely. I need to remain aware that God is with me always. The Holy Spirit guides me every day, and when I’m writing I have the counsel I need when research is needed. I feel as if Jesus is smiling at me when I’m in the zone. It’s a beautiful feeling.

Now that the weather is permitting, I can sit outside and write while listening to birds singing. My porch is the place where I feel in the midst of the beautiful sanctuary God has created. This is where I find my peace and once again I am writing. It’s all about Him.

No matter what our life dreams are, if we actively pursue them, we need to be aware that Satan is watching us. He will use any weakness he spots as a sign to attack. In these end times, he prowls more openly to turn us against ourselves. We need to stay grounded in our faith and pray without ceasing. God will not put doubt into our minds. Stay strong and be kind, compassionate and loving. And remember everything good happens in God’s timing, not ours.

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