Finnegan's Diary

I Have a New Furry Friend! (Finnegan’s Diary)

Happy Wednesday, dear Diary! I had a fun week. I have a new friend, too! Her name is Sadie Mae and she’s big, like me, and has big feet, too. I knew I wasn’t that different from other furry people. I like her. She was a little afraid of me for a few minutes, but that’s because she’s a baby.

She found my scratching post with the orange feather thingies that spin around. She liked to chew them, but I didn’t care. I never play with them anyway and I don’t use that scratching post either. Mommy says babies need to chew to cut their teeth. She said I probably did that, too, when I was little. I don’t remember that.

We had fun being together. Mommy even gave her one of the toys she bought for me when I came here. I never liked it at all and avoided it. We let Sadie Mae take it home with her. Mommy said I was a good boy for being generous.

I tried to get Sadie Mae to play with me, but she doesn’t know how to do that yet. I wonder, if she’s just a baby, will she grow bigger? Maybe she’ll get real big like our neighbor’s dogs. They like to chase tennis balls. I wish I wasn’t afraid of the outdoors, because it looks like so much fun. Mommy plays with me with my green, pink, and orange balls, but I won’t retrieve them. It’s against my nature. I would rather have her chase them.

Sadie and I visited for a long time. She finally got tired and wanted to take a nap in front of my tunnel. I don’t think I want to share my tunnel, though.

I was sad to see Sadie Mae leave. Maybe next time she’ll know how to play with me. I want to wrestle and kick. I can’t do that with Mommy because she says it hurts. She’s not tough like me. Well, that’s all the news from here. It’s time for my nap and Mommy wants to do something on the computer. I’ll be back next Wednesday! Bye!

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