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Have a Dream? Persevere With God!

It’s been a busy, yet non busy week. Know what I mean? I can’t believe Friday has arrived already, yet each day has felt full and fulfilling. My brother called last evening. We usually talk for about an hour. We laugh about silly stuff and he tells me about what he’s doing and stories from his reminiscing. I wish we had stories we could tell and each remember, but we weren’t raised together. I’m very grateful to have him and my sister in my life. We all three were raised in different family units.

I believe my past, and being raised as an only child, created my love for reading. I escaped into books, into new lands, became someone other than myself. I also began writing stories in elementary school, and poetry in high school (as most teenage girls do). Later, after marriage and raising four children, I began to write again. This time seeking to write books. I started with being published in several Chicken Soup for the Soul books, one in Cup of Comfort for Grandparents, and then being picked up by a publishing company. Three publications, and several short stories later, I began writing as a self-published artist. Mostly because of caring for my husband and not wanting to be tied to a publishing deadline.

And now here I am. A widow, retired for 13 years, and still writing. What I want to convey is it is never too late to pursue a dream. Nothing is impossible with God. My youngest daughter wanted to be a runner. She began by walking on a treadmill and switching to running for one minute intervals. She didn’t give up. She persevered until she began running outside. After years of training, she is now running marathons. None of this has been achieved on her own. God is in the mix, just as He is in the mix with my writing. I want to honor Him in all I do. In my relationships, in my writing, and in my everyday life. He is my rock.

And though many times I think about retiring completely, and have done so for short times, I still return to writing. I’m working on finishing a new book, a sequel of sorts, to Katy’s Heart. But, what I love to do is to write my blogs. I hope my journey inspires someone else to pursue their dream. God bless, and happy Friday!

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